Saturday, March 1, 2014

This is a video of our awesome humans vs. zombies weekend mini game. It was really great and medieval themed. This included bestowing the noblest of humans and zombies with foam swords. Zombies are identified by wearing a bandana on their head and tag humans to turn them into zombies. Humans are identified by wearing bandanas around their arms. It was a great game but in the end the zombies won the battle. Stay tuned for when we do our week long game after spring break.

- Caroline Szendey 15’

Thursday, February 27, 2014


This past weekend here at SMCM gave students a taste of the spring time that we love so much on the river. Temps were in the sixties and I wore shorts and a t-shirt to dinner! We are all impatiently awaiting the days are spent with breaks between classes taken on the docks, doing homework by the boathouse, or kayaking for hours. Spring time at St. Mary’s is the best time of the year! 

-Liza Moore ‘16

Placement in local schools!

Sometimes, being an educational studies minor has its perks- including working with students in local schools as part of your class! I am in Exceptionality currently, a special education course, and I am working in a local middle school with a group of awesome students. The teacher I am working with is always very excited when I come in, because it gives her a break, and it gives me a chance to work with the students on a better level. Although working with middle school-aged students can be difficult at times, considering they want to be right at all times, I am really enjoying this experience of getting to know a different age group. I personally want to teach Kindergarten, so working with a different age group allows me the opportunity to see whether I really want to work with children that are so young. If you take an educational studies course here at St. Mary’s, chances are, I’ll see you in them!

-Bianca Calin ‘16

Save the Date

One of our greatest on-campus traditions here is an annual event called World Carnival. Each year, the entire campus—even alumni, faculty and staff and outside community members— unite on the spacious Admissions field for a day stuffed with so many activities. This is my second year on the organizing committee for World Carnival; my position is Publicity Chair which essentially means I will advertise nonstop to draw people in.

Student clubs and organizations host tables with games and activities, multicultural performers engage the crowds, food vendors fill the air with the smell of yummy foods and of course, there is an abundance of free stuff to take home with you. 

This year, World Carnival will be held on April 26, 2014, which coincidentally is the same day as an Admissions Open House. So if you are here participating in that event, be sure to meander on over to the giant tent in a spare moment. You’ll be sure witness one of the greatest traditions here at St. Mary’s. 

-Lena Castro ‘15

Club Life at St. Mary’s College of Maryland

My name is Takunda Ndoro and I am either an avid feminist or a budding economist, a wise philosopher or an overly theatrical soccer player, a hardened human rights activist or a naive stock trader depending solely on the time of day. And no, I am definitely not schizophrenic.

I guess in simpler terms you could just call me a student at St. Mary’s, however, that wouldn’t have sounded as exciting. My point here is that for all the emphasis on St. Mary’s’ strong academics and incredibly scenic campus, I don’t believe that enough has been said about our extraordinary community. More specifically, our after hours events. 

I’ve made it a point in the last year to frequent as many clubs as I my schedule will allow in order to learn more about myself and the things I am interested in. Not only that but I can safely say that I have made some of my closest friends by biting the bullet and jumping into meetings about topics I had little to no idea about.The surprising things you learn about the world, your peers and yourself, make mixing and matching and experimenting with our large scope of clubs, all the more satisfying.

Clubs on campus vary in an incredibly wide-range of interests because of the ease at which students are allowed to create them. All it requires is one quick trip down to the local Student Government meeting with an appeal for funding and BAM, you have your very own club at St. Mary’s (results may vary depending on your idea of course). This means that, if for some unusual and highly unlikely reason, you cannot find the group, society, association, league, guild, team or union on campus that represents your interests, there is literally no excuse to not pursue it further.

We here at St. Mary’s love to stress the importance of personal development alongside achieving your academic goals. So we implore anyone and everyone to come on down and take advantage of our resources in the spirit of self actualization and some good ol’ harmless fun. 

— Takunda Ndoro ‘16

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Take a Hike!

With the weather starting to warm up here and there, I get excited to start up another St Mary’s Spring season. After enduring the winter, the the spring is the greatest time to be at St Mary’s. The flowers bloom and the birds chirp. So in my spare time I put on my hiking boots and take my afternoon walks in the woods. Around St Mary’s campus are a number of different woods locations with multiple trails and paths that wind through streams swamps and hills. With a hammock and a good book you can be secluded and relaxed within a few steps in. As a biology major I am always interested in observing the wildlife and being immersed in the environment. St Mary’s students are also lucky to have access to Historic St Mary’s trails. There are longer trails which can be used for running or the shorter trails with more flowers. Either way, I love exploring the paths and finding new things out there. To be able to have all of this wildlife so close to my school makes a great outing with friends or a good way to get away from it all and relax and find your very own spot. Here’s mine.

Displaying Image08252013163514.jpg

-Gregory Mainolfi 

Sophomore Biology Major




This past Sunday, the student Residence Hall Coordinators, along with Professional Staff members of Residence Life, chose next year’s new Resident Assistants as well as their housing assignments for next year. I personally got placed in the apartments of Waring Commons on North campus (WOOOO!!!!).

Here’s wishing the rest of the staff, especially our new recruits, good luck next year. I can’t imagine a better bunch of people to work with, you guys are great.

-Clay Daneker ‘16

Spring Teaser

Even if only for a few short days, St. Mary’s just got a little taste of what wonderful weather awaits us in the spring. Last Tuesday through Friday, the campus sprung to life a little earlier than the still-bare trees, and it seemed like everyone was outside enjoying the 50-60 degree weather. Walking across campus, I was reminded of what a St. Mary’s spring feels like—walking past the pond and taking a moment to pause and admire the sailboats on the water, passing by the campus center patio and seeing professor and students chatting with each other over coffee, people laying on the grass to take a little break from the busy day, and classes lounging in the sun while discussing a reading. Of course, now it’s back to being cold and gray, for now…but I’m glad that this past week’s teaser of spring stopped by to heighten my anticipation for April showers and May flowers even more. 

—Grace Chao, Class of 2016

Friday, February 14, 2014

Nerf Wars

Usually every other friday night from 7-9 pm Nerf wars are held in Kent Hall. They are really fun, and the club even provides nerf guns. We have played all sorts of games including capture the flag, battles against different teams, and humans vs. zombies. In most games you are out if you are shot by someone else’s nerf gun

- Caroline Szendey ‘15

Monday, February 10, 2014



I mean it’s technically not 9 to 5, and technically my office is just my room, but it is an internship, and it IS for credit. My internship is with a campaign for a St. Mary’s alum who is running for the House of Delegates. Already they’re having me plan events for a town-hall style tour, as well as involving me in planning voter-targeting strategy. 

And I owe it all to my favorite professor and adviser, Todd Eberly, who not only pointed me in the right direction, but gave me what my new boss called “an absolutely glowing review.” And also to the wonderful people at the career center, who facilitated me not only getting credit for the internship, but also fulfilling graduation requirements.

Good Job team SMCM!

-Clay Daneker ‘16